Giegling im Walzwerk

Fri, 24.09. – Sat, 25.09.21
Giegling im Walzwerk

Giegling im Walzwerk

23.-25. September 2021 Exhibition - "ignorance & honesty"

Vernisage at 23. September at 20:00, Open also 24. and 25. September

24. September 2021 Elysia - 23:00 - open End

Edward LIVE
Lawrence LIVE
Leafar Legov LIVE
Map.ache LIVE
The Ghostbusters

25. September 2021 Walzwerk Hof 12:00 - 22:00

More tba

During Art Basel the city is usually full of people interested in art and culture. It has been strange and challenging years for art and culture and we are very happy and thankful to find a way to make something happen again. With a retrospective of the future we are ready to erase the lines that seemed unquestionable. What does that mean? Good question... Again and again.
Fri, 24.09. – Sat, 25.09.21
Giegling im Walzwerk

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